Na Loteca existem 14 jogos de futebol, onde você deve indicar os placares, sem importar a quantidade de gols. As apostas se encerram às 14h de sábado e a aposta mínima custa R$ 2,00. Os concursos são realizados semanalmente e os resultados divulgados no início da outra semana. Caso um dos jogos não aconteça, é feito um sorteio para definir o resultado.

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Prêmios da Promoção Mentou, Ganhou: Ofertas disponíveis na promoção: Beleza e Bem-estar; Créditos de celular via RecargaPay; 1 mês de Assinatura em Streaming de Filme; 3 meses de Assinatura em Streaming de Música. A participação na promoção poderá ocorrer até o dia 31 de outubro de 2019. Promoção Mentos Para participar da promoção, o (a)… Continue lendo »

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Will your privacy be protected? Unfortunately, the answer to this question is almost certainly "no". Ask yourself: is a lifetime of junk mail, spam, or even sales calls worth the small chance of winning the prize? Probably not. Different sweepstakes offer different degrees of privacy, and they should disclose what they will do with your personal information. Read the fine print, and if you're not comfortable with their use of your information, don't enter. Keep in mind that even companies who claim to respect your privacy will probably sell it anyway; this type of fraud, though illegal, is very common and very difficult to enforce against. This is an especially pervasive problem with online sweepstakes, as they'll often sell your email address to spammers who will bombard you with unwanted emails. That said, keep in mind that you can't really expect something for nothing, and sometimes you may decide that giving away some information is worth the chance of winning the prize.

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Begin your browsing, sweep among the several offers, deals, competitions, vacation packages, races and raffles we publish; apply to the ones you like and easily keep track of your entries, manage your submissions. Filter your searches by sections or type of prize to find quickly the best deals for you. If you win, we´ll let you know sending you a notification. Amazing raffles or contests awarding even cars may be found from time to time, so be sure to never lose again any of this opportunities setting the custom notifications to always be informed. Begin now your collection of gifts, free samples and many more awards!

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Prêmios da Promoção Nestlé Ganhou Causou: 01 (um) Certificado em Barras de Ouro, no valor de R$ 1.000.000,00 (um milhão de reais); 2.500 (dois mil e quinhentos) prêmios no valor unitário de R$400,00 (quatrocentos reais); Prêmios do Concurso: 1º Lugar – 01 (um) Certificado em Barras de Ouro, no valor de R$ 500.000,00 (quinhentos mil… Continue lendo »

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Know your odds of winning. You usually don't know what the exact odds of winning are because it will depend on the number of entries. You can, however, estimate the odds. If you get an entry form in the mail for a sweepstakes with a huge prize, you can be assured of a ridiculous number of entries. If you see a jar at a local restaurant for a free lunch, however, you know your odds of winning will be much greater––you may even be able to see how many entries are in the jar.

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